“The Zesty Ensemble”- truly represents who we are. It represents the way we work, the way we achieve things in our lives. It’s a part of our collective identity. So what you see on this blog is an ensemble- a collective effort. Our efforts to share something that is close to our hearts, that helps us bond and that helps us understand and respect each other. We are three different people with different interests. But somehow we have managed to find a way in which we can collectively use our interests to produce something that is not only appetizing but also pleasing to the eye.  It is our effort to bring in the colors and flavors that enrich our lives into yours.

There is a certain joy in doing things together. It gives us the reassurance that we have each other to rely on and correct our mistakes. It helps us get inputs from a different perspective and take our creations one step closer to perfection. We may not always like what the other one says but none the less we take the efforts to make a positive change.

We complement each other perfectly in terms of flavors, colors and palette. So together we manage to bring the best of both worlds- sweet and savory. Most of things we do blend in perfectly with today’s generation and liking. But we still have a hint of tradition in everything we do. It is the ensemble of the old and the new, the sweet and the spicy, the vibrant and the earthly.

We do everything collectively and it is no different for this blog. For everything that we put up, one of us is the brains behind it, one of us experiments with it and one of us perfects it. And together we present to you “The Zesty Ensemble”.



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