Primera experiencia de la comida mexicana

Food endeavors always work as a way to trot down the memory lane. Every family has a ‘remember the time when she added salt instead of sugar’ or ‘ the time when he thought “well, how important is baking powder in a cake mix”‘. Every first experience has a story associated and a memory created with it. No matter how many times you cook that dish, you are always taken back to the time it was first cooked by you. Be it Good, Bad or downright Ugly. 🙂

Mexican Cuisine will always bring back the memories of an exhausted sunday lunch.It was a farewell for few of our friends. Exhausted, simply because of the round the clock plans we had the previous 2 days  🙂 .Being our first attempt at this cuisine, we were clueless.. Any amount of prep seemed insufficient and the time seemed to fly. The batter for tortilla was messed up, the rice was a little pungent and the nachos had no hopes of making it on the menu. One of our friends decided to take a nap,while we fix up the chaos. Even though, we were all over the kitchen fighting little battles at different fronts, our friends made it easier to figure things out, with wonderful conversations to keep company and some not-so-great songs in the background!

After a couple of trial-&-errors, we got everything under control. Nice  freshly cooked tortillas ,nachos with salsa and cheese dip,burritos and a lovely, hot tomato rice sure make a delightful and hearty lunch. After the lunch came the hardest part, not the cleaning but saying ‘GoodBye’. However many times you say it, its always hard. With promises of staying in touch and hoping for a better tomorrow, we said our bittersweet goodbyes.

Within the next week or so, we decided to cook burritos again. Though the food was amazing, a few people were dearly missed. But, Mexican food will always remind me of them.

The following couple of posts will cover our this meal. Our ” Primera experiencia de la comida mexicana “.. our experience with mexican food!!

Mexican Meal


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